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Keezo Kane

In an industry saturated with monotonous tones, rhymes and rhythms, producer Keezo Kane has emerged with fresh beats, inspired by the classics of Bobby Womack, The Dells and Marvin Gaye, among many others. The talented producer has garnered recognition in his hometown of Chicago, the pulse of the Midwest, recently put on the map by artists such as Kanye West, Common and Lupe Fiasco.
A natural born musician, Keezo Kane, born Keith Moore, excelled at playing the trumpet, drums and piano, instruments he was able to play by ear, though he received trumpet lessons for a short‐time.
In 2002, Keezo was introduced to soon‐to‐be platinum selling artist and producer Kanye West by neighborhood friend GLC. Keezo officially became a producer on the G.O.O.D. Music roster in July 2004. Shortly after, he established his production company, Mayblok Inc., in 2005 and has since released several mixtapes under the Mayblok Inc. name.
As a G.O.O.D. Music family member, Keezo’s tracks have been featured on a variety of albums including LL Cool J’s Todd Smith; Kanye’s Akademik Jeanius Level Musik Volumes 1 and 2; Talib Kweli’s Right About Now; label mate Consequence’s Don’t Quit Your Day Job; and on Estelle’s Shine. His most recent work includes “Big Screen, Hollywood Lights,” co-produced with Kanye West, which is the lead single on rapper GLC’s impending debut album. In addition to producing for some of hip-hop’s rising and established stars, he has also scored for the movie, “Chicago Pulaski Jones,” and for Kanye’s pilot episode of “Alligator Boots.”
Keezo Kane has also cultivated a loyal following among skaters and steppers nationwide with hits like the “Ga Ga Remix” and “All You Copycats,” using the late godfather of soul, James Brown, for influence. The “Ga Ga Remix,” in particular, remains a crowd favorite and is a regular tune on radio stations in the top ten markets.
Other noteworthy productions include background tracks for BET’s College Hill promo commercials and “Shine” for the Alkoholiks. He has appeared in “Roll Bounce,” Disney music video “Roll Like This,” and in McDonald’s Recent “I’m Loving It” television ad campaign. Keezo has also been featured on several local radio/television stations and in newspapers.
Keezo Kane is currently in the studio working with John Legend, Glc, Really Doe, & Nas

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